Friday, March 6, 2015

Podcasts & Tortas Sinaloa

Around Christmas I finally broke down and bought a new auxiliary cord for my car. I did this begrudgingly because I already had a cord, but the plastic on the end was so thick that it wouldn't let the cord sit flush with my phone around it's case, so the cord wouldn't stay plugged in. When I only listened to my ipod while driving this wasn't a problem but after I saw the light of Spotify/started listening to podcasts I realized I needed to stop being so cheap and just buy a new one already. It's been amazing just for the podcasts alone. Previously I would only play Good Food while I was cooking, and the episodes would pile up but now it's a lot easier to listen to more podcasts and stay on top of them. I love Good Food, and some new finds I've been really into lately are the Dinner Party Download, 99% Invisible, Call Your Girlfriend and Radiolab. If you guys have any podcast suggestions, send 'em my way!

So anyway, when I was catching up on the backlog of podcasts, I heard Gustavo Arellano review Tortas Sinaloa on Good Food. I'm a big torta fan, so when he talked about a place that had over 40 different kinds of tortas I figured it would be worth driving to Santa Ana for.

Tortas can sometimes come in overwhelming portions, but not these. They were the perfect size. The Chicken Milanesa was so flavorful, but the Carnitas was even better. The Queso Panela on the Carnitas torta was the perfect touch, reminding me that Mexican cheeses are my fave (looking at you, Queso Fresco).

 The agua fresca on the other hand did come in giant portions, but there's nothing wrong with a little extra agua fresca especially when it's such high quality.

I'm seeing a lot of driving to Santa Ana in my future, because I'm already craving these tortas again.


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