Saturday, March 28, 2015

Scene in '15: Cinderella

I saw Cinderella last weekend, and honestly when I heard Disney was re-doing Cinderella  I was pretty set on not seeing it. I mean we've all seen it a hundred times, done a hundred different ways, and we all had that section in elementary school where we had to read a bunch of Cinderella adaptations and write our own (right? or was that just me?), so I think as a culture we're all pretty Cinderella-ed out. Then I realized that Lady Rose and Daisy from Downton Abbey were going to be in it so I broke down and saw it. What can I say, I gotta support my Downton ladies.

Overall, my gut reaction was pretty much spot on. There wasn't much to make it stand out from every other Cinderella, and the whole 'Cinderella is perfect and has never had a negative thought about anyone ever' thing wore on me. There's a line where Cinderella confronts her stepmother about why she's been mistreating her and the stepmother says "Because you're so innocent and good!" and storms out. Honestly. I know fairy tales are the wrong place to look for character development, but it would have been a nice touch, especially since moments before it seemed as if the film might try to add some depth to the character of the stepmother.

On the other hand though, the costumes were exquisite. I would like everything Cate Blanchett wore because every outfit was stunning, especially her hats. I really liked the color palette they used, lots of royal blues, which I'm assuming was to play off of the lighter blue that Cinderella always wears.

Unless you've got little ones, I think this is probably one you can skip, but it's not the worst way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


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