Monday, August 26, 2013


So, as I mentioned in my last post, I have a job now!

I've delayed posting this because I'm not sure how much personal information I want to share in this space. (Especially the type of personal information that pertains to my physical location.) I know how easy it is to find these details out and I don't want to make it easier any creepers to do their creepin'. So for now we'll just say that I work in retail for a fresh, handmade cosmetics company and I am overjoyed to be employed there. Seriously, I've wanted to work for this particular company for so long that I was even following the twitter where they post job listings because I did not want to miss out on any openings. I tried not to get my hopes up too much throughout the interview process, and when they offered me the job I was ecstatic.

Every time I go in and put on my apron it feels like a dream. After 2.5 months of unemployment I was going crazy not having anything to do. It sounds like a short amount of time now but it was terrifying when there was no end in sight, especially for someone who's always planning for the next task on the horizon. It's been a particularly tough summer and this job has been a ray of sunshine lifting my spirits.

So yes. I have a job with a company I'm proud to work for and it's makes me happy every day.

How do you guys feel about the places you work?


Friday, August 16, 2013

Riding the Rails

Last Monday I went on the most spontaneous mini-vacation I've ever planned. It might not actually count as spontaneous, since Estrella and I had been trying to find a time that worked out for a visit for practically the entire summer. The longest-planned most spontaneous trip ever? I think it still counts as a spur-of-the-moment trip because I decided to go the day before, and I bought my ticket just over 12 hours before my departure time.

Anyway, last Monday was finally a perfect storm of schedules and I made my way to Santa Barbara via train. I'd never taken the train in this country before (not that I can recall anyway, I think my mom may have mentioned that we took a train trip once when I was a toddler), and I was surprised at how easy it was. And shocked at the amount of leg room I got! I caught my train at Union Station and a few short hours later I was reunited with Estrella in SB.

I don't have many pictures to show for the trip because Estrella is camera shy and I just wanted to spend time with her. Next time!

I only stayed in Santa Barbara overnight because I had to be back in LA to start my new job (!) but I'll definitely be making the trip again with some more time.


Monday, August 5, 2013

The Resignation Tour 2013

Rx Bandits @ the Glasshouse 8.1.13
Rx Bandits is hands down my favorite band. In 2011 they went on hiatus after a farewell tour and I was devastated, so when I found out that they were going to go on tour to mark the 10 year anniversary of their album The Resignation I freaked out. Seriously, I was mid-conversation with Estrella when I saw the tweet and I started shrieking. Not only are they my favorite band, but The Resignation is my favorite album. And they were playing at the Glass House, which is my favorite venue! It was a perfect storm of all my favorite things! I had already missed out on the pre-sale by the time I heard about the tour, but I was not about to miss out on tickets altogether so I bought them the minute they went on sale.

Rx Bandits @ the Glasshouse 8.1.13
Me and Lena headed out early to avoid the traffic; getting to Pomona like 3 hours in advance gave us time to find stress-free parking and enjoy some pho. The show itself was AMAZING. They played all of The Resignation, and for the encore they played some of my favorite songs off of And The Battle Begun. I had managed to make my way pretty close to the front when the guy in front of me turned around and motioned for me to take his place in front of the barricade. Major thanks to that guy for looking out! After that I got to enjoy the show without getting pushed around and I had the most amazing view.

After the show ended I didn't want to leave! Since I don't know when they'll play again and in 2011 I seriously thought that was the last time I'd ever see them this show felt like a gift. It was such a great show, as always, and I can only hope I get to see them play again.

Rx Bandits @ the Glasshouse 8.1.13