Wednesday, November 26, 2014

FYF 2014

There's nothing like waiting until the day before Thanksgiving to write about something that happened in August, am I right? Despite the delay, I couldn't let this go undocumented. FYF was a highlight of the summer, if not a highlight of 2014 as a whole. A little background, the first time I heard about Fuck Yeah Fest I was in high school, and my mom wouldn't let me go. Then when I graduated and started college I was always back in Oakland by the time FYF rolled around, and last August I had just gotten hired a month before the festival so I didn't have the money to spend or the seniority to request a weekend off. So I knew that this year was going to be my year, I almost didn't care who was playing, I just knew I was going. Then when the line-up was announced and I saw Blood Brothers were reuniting for the festival there was no doubt in my mind I had to be there.

It was definitely not a perfect weekend. At this point the festival's been discussed all over the internet so everyone who knows/cares about FYF knows that the lines to get in on Saturday were ridiculously long, and the whole set-up of the festival seemed poorly planned. I know the venue change from LA State Historic Park was probably a nightmare for the people who plan the fest, but it was really awkward maneuvering around the stages so I hope they go back to the State Historic Park next year. By the time we got in on Saturday, we had missed a couple bands we wanted to see and had spent over an hour just trying to get into the festival. I was almost at "I will turn this car around" levels of grumpiness, but we finally did get in. Interpol and Grimes were my favorites, even though Grimes didn't play my song.

Day 2 was much smoother. We got to the venue earlier, and got in easily. I was more pumped for the second day's line-up so I was happy we got to see Mac DeMarco, Tanlines, & The Strokes, but the Blood Brothers was hands down the best set of the festival. Such amazing energy, from the band and from everyone in the crowd. Festivals are exhausting and usually the whole crowd isn't as into it as they would be at a smaller show, but that Blood Brothers set was another thing entirely. I felt like I was 15 again, screaming those songs driving around with my friends.

Festival exhaustion and poor planning aside, it was a really great weekend. I feel like I was able to fulfill something by finally going to FYF, and I'm already looking forward to next year.



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