Monday, May 25, 2015

It's Always Sunny in DC

Back in March I was still riding the wave of good energy I wrote about here, and I was feeling like a warrior, like I could do anything. So when Sunny texted me asking when I could come visit, I just seized the moment, started looking up flights and realized that I could actually get out to DC to visit her for super cheap. Then I thought, "Since I have to fly past Chicago anyway, why not stop and see Anja?!" I'm telling you, I was in a great "I'm every woman/it's all in me" place, and thankfully the universe was in my favor and all 3 of our schedules worked out so I managed to plan an itinerary taking me to DC and Chicago.

It was so wonderful! Sunny and I hadn't seen each other in TWO YEARS, and even though I saw Anja in December, when she moved away in Dec '13 I had no idea when or if I'd ever see her again and now I've seen her twice in one year! It's hard having friends that live across the country, the time we do get to spend together is too limited and so precious.

I would have flown anywhere to see Sunny, and probably would never have made it out to DC of my own accord if she wasn't living there, but I actually really enjoyed the District. I got a bigger kick out of the Capital than I thought I would, especially seeing where Notorious RBG works and where Obama lives.
Selfies on metro
Outside the Library of Congress
Inside the Library of Congress
The Supreme Court
On Capitol Hill
Hi Obama!

Please pause here to appreciate that Sunny is the cutest

My one regret was that we didn't get reading cards at the Library of Congress, but that just means I have to go back.


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