Thursday, February 19, 2015

Spring Cleaning


Last weekend me and my mom took a quick trip up to Oakland, and it was such an amazing weekend getaway. Honestly it had been way too long since the last time I was in Oakland, and I could feel the change in myself as soon as we got onto the 580. I just adore the Bay Area so completely and I feel so great while I'm there. I used to tell people that I felt like LA drained my soul, and while I don't completely feel that way anymore (or at least, not always), I had forgotten how much it feels like the Bay feeds my soul. I know I'm getting really hippie here but the whole trip left me feeling really replenished. I got to see some friends that I hadn't seen in far too long and I left the Bay reluctantly, but so inspired.

It would be hard to explain to anyone outside my head how this connects, but the first thing I was inspired to do when I got home was clean my room. Not just tidy-up and dust around things, but like REALLY deep clean my room. I've been watching Rosianna's videos about this and something about the trip clicked the procrastination switch in my mind off so I'm ready to do all the things right now. I started by going through the stacks of paper sitting on my closet floor and scanned everything I wanted to save, and then threw it all out. So now the notes from all my college classes, the ticket stubs from London/Amsterdam, old papers with nice notes from my professors are all backed up on a hard drive and my closet floor is clean. I really want to use this book as a guide, but while I wait for it to arrive I basically asked myself "Do I want this thing? Have I even thought about it in the past year?" and that really helped me get rid of a lot of clutter that had been living in my closet. I also moved my spare duvet & blanket to a basket on the floor of my closet from where they had been on the top shelf, so now when I have friends spend the night I don't have to pull out a stepladder to bring them down. Small changes, but I really cannot emphasize enough how great I feel about them.

I've got a clean closet and I'm walkin' on a cloud.


p.s. Happy Lunar New Year!

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