Monday, December 2, 2013

Deck the Halls! Part 3

Christmas Tree
Our old tree skirt was really lacking in pizazz. It was just plain white felt that was starting to look pretty shabby, and it was way larger than it needed to be. I saw these pins a while back and decided to combine the two concepts to make an embroidered constellation tree skirt.

Though I used the above pins as my inspiration, I followed Rachel's tutorial. I started out with a yard of blue felt that I ordered on etsy to use as the night sky background, and some white embroidery floss I picked up at Michael's. I followed Rachel's instructions for cutting out a circle, and then I made a little paper mock up of what my constellations would look like. I was just sketching it out tentatively, but I stuck really close to my model.

tree skirt
tree skirt
tree skirt
When it came time to embroider, I watched a youtube video to teach me how to made a french knot and basically just plunged in. It was really easy to work with the felt; it's stiff enough that I didn't need to use an embroidery hoop which made the whole process a lot faster.

I'm so happy with the result! Seeing it under the tree makes me wonder why we needed such a giant tree skirt before.
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