Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Scene in '15: Selma

This past weekend I saw Selma and absolutely loved it. Quick synopsis: the movie focuses on the Selma to Montgomery marches that took place during the Civil Rights movement. I remember reading somewhere online before I saw the film that Ava DuVernay wanted to capture the essence of the town and the time period, and I think she pulls it off beautifully. It's such an evocative film, there were several moments that made me squirm in my seat and want to look away. I think the one element that really stands out is the way that the film and David Oyelowo's performance in particular highlight the frustration that comes with non-violent activism.

I also really liked the way the costumes functioned in the film. As I was watching it, the moments when the characters were in suits versus more casual clothing stood out for the different messages the outfits were conveying. If you're also intrigued by this, this article that goes a little further into wardrobe choices and the Civil Rights movement.

I highly recommend checking this film out; it's especially poignant in light of the civil rights issues going on today, and if you want something to follow it up with I'd check out Fruitvale Station next. Selma shines a light on the struggle that took place to get us where we are, and Fruitvale Station highlights how much further we have to go.

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