Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gallery Wall Updates

My favorite thing about my room is still my gallery wall.

I realized that I've never gone over all the prints and pictures I have up!

I added a new column to it and I think it feels more balanced now. The white frame is from Ikea, and it has a silhouette that me and my mom had cut when we went to Disneyland this summer. The picture underneath is just stuck on with washi tape. It's of me, Ali, and Estrella on my 22nd birthday. I was planning on getting a frame for it but I kind of like the way the wall looks with not every picture framed. The black and white picture under that is one that JT took of me for one of her classes our junior year.

The Roscoe Mitchell poster is my favorite print. Roscoe is a music professor at Mills, and I got to see him play at Cafe Oto when I was in London.  The painting under that is another piece made by JT, that was a gift for my 19th birthday.

In the last column I have a print of Shakespeare as a calavera holding a skull like Hamlet that I got at Renegade Craft Fair. To the right of that is a picture of me and my mom at Disneyland when I was a toddler. The yellow frame was given to me by a friend, it's painted to look beveled but the frame itself is flat, and inside it I have a poem I bought at the poem store. To the right of that is a photobooth picture of me and my mom when I was a baby that my mom had enlarged for me. The bird print I bought at a silent auction for the Vagina Monologues my first year at Mills.

I think I'll keep the frames where they are, but I have a few other pictures/prints I want to display so I'll probably switch up the contents in a few months.


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