Wednesday, May 21, 2014

On the Passage of Time

Dear blog, I'm sorry that I abandoned you for almost two months, but that kind of fits into what I wanted to talk about today.

Time is such a weird thing. As of the 19th I've been back in LA one full year, and the weirdest thing about my transition out of being a student is that I have no internal calendar for marking the passage of time anymore. I used to measure things in semesters, and now that I'm not in school and I live in a place with no seasons I feel completely unmoored. I ran out of detergent the other day, and I thought,  'How is this possible I just got this a few weeks ago!" and then realized it had actually been like 5 months ago.

This past year has been a really strange mix of dragging on and passing by too quickly; which I guess to some extent happens every year, but this year even more so. November feels like a long time ago, but it feels like January just happened. We're already almost halfway through 2014! Impossible!

So yeah, bear with me while I try to get a grip on this, and I'll try not to go whole months without posting again.


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