Friday, September 13, 2013

Ruby Slippers

Ruby Slippers
When I was little and Halloween rolled every year without fail I said I wanted to be Dorothy. And yet, I have never actually been Dorothy for Halloween; I always changed my mind and ended up going as something else. I think more than anything what motivated my initial Dorothy choice was my strong desire for red glitter shoes.

Right before I started my new job I was at Costco and they had Keds for super cheap, and since I needed some shoes I could stand in for hours I snagged a red pair. I think I've worn them to work every single day, and at my first staff meeting my boss made a comment about seeing my "little red shoes" run across the shop. Since then a couple other coworkers have made references to my little red shoes, and I like that red shoes are kind of becoming my thing.

Ruby Slippers
Ruby Slippers
Ruby Slippers
Maybe one day I'll glitter a pair. :]

How about you? What's your thing?


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  1. We just stumbled upon your blog and loooove it!
    We love everything red, so we're in awe of all the shoes:-)
    Love and good morning from Germany,

    Birdy and Bambi